New identity

Dear friends of Woodpecker Projects. Today we are happy to launch our new website created by Tobias Eklund and our new visual identity designed by Joakim Olsson. The new front visualize the relationships between Woodpecker Projects’ aim to find, explore, see and read. We believe it reflects our commitment to produce, promote, document, and theorize new works exploring the intersection of word, image, and media.


Woodpecker Projects is a merge between the two micro publishing houses Woodpecker and Papi. Run by Jens Henricson and Jerker Knape, Papi has since 2007 produced Papi magazine, art exhibitions and various events – and since the focus went hand in hand with the aims of Woodpecker, founded in 2008 by Ditte Ejlerskov, a joined program was a natural development.


At the moment we are planning our next edition and exhibition at IAC in Malmö, SE.


Keep an eye out for us!