Lets do this year!

Dear Woodpecker follower! 2017 has begun with several cool projects in the pipeline! Apart from two pretty captivating book projects in the spring we are responsible for four shows throughout the year!


With Kevin Malcolm we are unpacking his Outremer project both in Oslo at Podium and at IAC during Malmö gallery night! Malcolm’s project takes as its starting point a folio of photogravures of Cambodian art objects from the Musée Guimet in Paris. This museum houses the collection of Asian art amassed by the 19th Century industrialist and traveller Emile Guimet whose fortune was made in the production of a synthetic ultramarine pigment.


Another of Woodpecker’s historical dives this year is with Johan Furåker, who is releasing with us a book on the subject of Luisa Casati; an eccentric Italian socialite who sought to make her life a work of art – and succeeded. Casati was strangely omnipresent in the cultural and social landscape of the early 20th century. She lived everywhere and nowhere simultaneously and now she is moving in to pages in a Woodpecker book.


Finally, Ystad Konstmuseum asked us to dive into the minefield of dealing with ideas of POWER through art works and curating.This, we are exploring these days. And while we are getting our hands dirty you are invited to stay tuned.


Thank you all collaborators!