Viewing Devices (2016)

Viewing Devices introduces the reader to a series of sculptures by Patrik Aarnivaara that investigates the relationship between body and camera. His sculptures are influenced by various support structures for image production like tripods, rigs, and studio equipment that reflects, filters, or mirrors light and images of a place. In the catalogue text, Steven Scott address the idea of the pro-filmic event by considering such possibility in terms of ongoing deferral; as an inversion of the image space toward a state of recurrence between apprehension and completion.

The layout of this book challenges the reader to actively interact with it in order to view the full extent of each image. After opening it flat and finding the right page you need to somehow alter it to get a full view (bending the pages back slightly, squeezing the in-between pages in your hand, or perhaps just removing the binding completely), just flicking through it will only provide half the picture. Taking Patrik Aarnivaaras investigation into the relationship between body and camera as a starting point, Viewing Devices is designed on a grid informed by a range of common image aspect ratios and is intended to work both as a survey of Aarnivaaras work and as a continuation of his line of thinking put into book form.


Patrik Aarnivaara (SE)

Steven Scott (UK)


Language: English
Co-released 2016 by Woodpecker Projects and Varv Varv

Edition: 600 copies

ISBN: 978-91-982594-1-4


Design: Varv Varv


With support from

Längmanska (SE)