My Bajan Letters (2016)

Woodpecker member and artist Ditte Ejlerskov creates an alter ego and involves the lottery scammer Fergal O’Connor in a bizarre email dialog. A complex system of disbelief and belief along with verification of facts for confidence unrolls between the two until Ejlerskov books a flight to Barbados, aiming to meet Fergal. During her stay there, her emails are all automatically answered by a postmaster. A feeling of disbelief haunts the reader of the emails and leads to a wish for verification of the information given.


Research, travel, film, post production, exhibition and print is supported by: Bror Ljunggrens Minnesfond, SE, Längmanska Stiftelsen, SE, The Danish Arts Council, DK, ANNAELLEGALLERY, SE, Galleri Arnstedt, SE, Printers Proof, DK, Vermillion Sands, DK, peer to space, DE, Simon Möller Film, SE, Avfart längre fram, SE, Forlaget *[asterisk], DK (published 1st edition of book 1), The Piccadilly Exhibition Company, DK (initiated book 1)


Special thanks to Peter Ejlerskov, Robyn Fenty, Johan Furåker, Stephen Jones, Simon Möller, Fergal O’Connor, Imri Sandström and Tina Sauerländer.


Ditte Ejlerskov (DK)

Fergal O’Connor (BB)

Tina Sauerländer (DE)



ISBN: 978-91-980977-9-5


Published by Woodpecker Projects, SE

Printed offset at LaserTryk, DK

Paper: 100g Munken Print Classic Cream and 260g Chromocard

Graphic design: Woodpecker Projects

Text: Fergal O’Connor, Ditte Ejlerskov and Tina Sauerländer


My Bajan Letters is a publication in three chapters collected by a rubber band.