Bifurcating Soundscape (2015)

Bifurcating Soundscape is a limited edition vinyl record by composer Ask Kæreby (DK). His work is inspired by the Italian futurist movement Futurismo (starting in the early 20th century), which praised power, velocity and noise from large cities and machinery. By combining the past’s experimenting perspectives with modern choreography, different positions are explored: the human body and the machine.    When the record was released at Inter Arts Center in Malmö, dancer Maria Concetta Borgese (IT) performed her piece Bifurcating Futures to the sound of Kæreby’s work. Both Kæreby and Borgese’s work stand in relation to artist Hasager’s research into totalitarian architecture. Bifurcating Futures is also the title of Maj Hasager’s (DK) film from 2014 in which this composition is used.




Ask Kæreby (DK) Maj Hasager (DK)


Released 2015 Edition: 15 unique vinyl records ISBN: 978-91-980977-7-1 Cover art: Maj Hasager Mixed and mastered by Ask Kæreby Studio: Audio Expertise in Copenhagen, DK

On the a-side of all 15 records is the 9:36 min. piece Bifurcating Soundscape and on the b-sides Kæreby has now released 15 unique sound objects. Kæreby mixed and mastered the limited edition at Audio Expertise in Copenhagen, DK. The cover art is by Hasager.   Listen to a 3 min excerpt of Bifurcating Soundscape here



In Hasager's film Bifurcating Futures architecture's shaping of human beings is made visible and demonstrated in the specific relation between body and building. This happens through the staging of a mature dancer who investigates the body's limitations and possibilities in relation to modernist and futurist architecture in Espozione Universale di Roma in Rome, Italy. In the film the movements are split up by a poem by Thom Donovan, creating an extra layer in the dialogue. The dancer moves alone in and around the grandiose building to a soundtrack based on mechanical sounds and sounds from the city scape.The choreography emerges from the dancer's experience – an approach which is inspired by Pina Bausch and her motto: 'There is no manuscript. There is no scenography. There is no music. There is only life and one self. Without formal frames the structure is created through improvisation and bodily experiences.'



Ask Kæreby is a Danish composer. He studied music production in Copenhagen, earning a MMus degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Kæreby’s artistic practice is interdisciplinary and research-based, including elements of experimental composition, sound design and electroacoustic music. He is interested in the presentation of narratives by means of sound - not through traditional musical gestures, but using different approaches such as musique concrète or the futurists' bruitism. Working in the intersection between known formats, Kæreby wishes to challenge our ways of listening - to music (live as well as recorded), to our surroundings and to (sonic) art. He has been awarded grants in support of his work from The Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Musicians’ Union, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Familien Hede Nielsen Foundation, Dansk Artist Association, Ellen & Erik Valdemar Jensen Music Grant, Anders Månsson & wife Memorial Grant and Karen Margrethe Torp-Pedersen & husband Foundation.

Bifurcating futures, performance with dancer Maria Concetta Borgese (IT) and vinyl record release of Bifurcating Soundscape by composer Ask Kæreby (DK).