Efterklang/Reverberation (2013)

Efterklang/Reverberation is a reconstruction of Henricson’s childhood microcosm in which references to the child, its games and its way of looking at the world unfold. Where the past solely exists as fragments, insinuations, grand tales and incomplete testimonies. These data, facts, despite being interpreted, contribute to the story. Henricson returns to the playgrounds in the beach forest and along the coast, fully aware of how hard it is to capture the elusive image of himself as a child. However, locations have an ability to preserve a piece of life – finding himself on location, he once again experiences the rattling of the leaves and the light, and the colours become clearer and deeper when he rediscovers the imagination and playfulness of the past.



Jens Henricson

Andreas Nilsson


Language: English and Swedish
Released 2013

Edition: 500 copies

ISBN: 987-91-980977-2-6


After Word

Andreas Nilsson


With support from

The Swedish Arts Council (SE)
Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden (SE)

The well where servants used to fetch water. Forgotten and covered in ferns. Leaves landed on the top of the head, forming an orange crown. With the light a certain way it shone like a halo. Only the brave dared to drink from the mouth of Jesu head.

The rock, our meeting point for swimming. Long ago, it hade been the pier that blew away. Nothing we thought of any more. A memory before ours. The water, that broke on the shiny colours of the rocks. A long way out at sea.